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BeiJing Hechen Environment Engineering Co.,Ltd (hereafter, “Hechen”) registered in zhongguancun high-tech development zone, BeiJing, Hechen is a public company and lists on third-board Market. The stock code is 430365. Hechen is a national certified High-Tech enterprise with efficient management. Hechen can provide integrated engineering services to dust pollution field. Our services include systematic deign, bag filter development, design, manufacturing and sales. From very beginning, we try our best to satisfy kinds of technical requirements, so that we can service our clients better. Hechen has 50+ experienced engineers and we had developed 10 patent technologies successfully. Aiming at researching and developing the eco-friend and technological products with high starting point, high standard, high level, high benefit of environmental protection energy saving and emission reduction. ...



Static Cleaning Mechanism

The most outstanding feature of this patent is the application, that it is currently the only known the static bag Dust cleaning filter in the world.

As shown in the process diagram, before the Dust dust is mainly affected by gas pressure, the cloth supporting force, adhesion force, gravity, the role of the four forces, and mainly dependable on adhesion force and adhesion on the surface of filter. To achieve the ash removal, we must first break the force balance state of dust layer. The traditional filter blowback pulse bag type de-ashing technology, pulse de-ashing technology, the use of cleaning air filter dust caused by the deformation, the separation layer and the cloth by inertia force, all belongs to “inertia”. While the Static Bag De-Ashing Technology from the new angle of “destroy the adhesion force” to reconsider how to achieve the ash removal, the application is the the original of "static de-ashing"

The Advantages of Static De-Ashing

  • Dust emissions Low concentration

  • Bag uselong life

  • Running resistance value is low

  • Strong online maintenance capability

  • Device structure is simple and easy to maintain

  • High equipment reliability

  • Project construction period is short

  • The product easy to large-scale

Engineering Case